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How to make a Double Button Buckle
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Intro to Double Button Buckle
The Double Button Buckle can be used with most Alphas and all Variegated patterns, but only works with a small amount of Normal patterns. The Double Button Buckle works best on bracelets that are 16 strings or more. Unless you have some really tiny buttons, then it might work with less strings.

Before you start to make a Double Button Buckle you need to make sure the bracelet you want to make has an even amount of strings when divided into 2 sections.(Exp. 14 strings wont work because when divided you get two groups of 7 strings, but 16 strings will work because you will have two groups of 8 strings). When you set up your strings and separate your bracelet into 2 even sections, the right side and the left side there has to be a minimum of 2 strings per color on each side and you also have to have an even number of each color in each group. (Exp. Pattern #8049 will not work with the DBB, but pattern #7966 works out perfectly)

When you measure and cut your string your going to need 2 strings worth of thread because your going to fold it in half. (Exp. Say you need 2 pieces of 32โ€ blue string. For a DBB you would cut 1 piece of 64โ€ blue string because you fold it in half)

If you are having trouble figuring out weather you can do a DBB beginning for your bracelet just send me a message with the pattern number you want to make and I will let you know if it can work.
You will need
(I am making a Variegated Bracelet with 16 strings in this Tutorial, so all of these string measurements are for that type of bracelet. If your making a different style bracelet, separate your bracelet into 2 sections and then just make sure the 2 strings in each group that you are going to be making the buckles with are at least 4 inches longer than all the other strings)

1 whole skein of multicolor string or your knotting string
4 pieces of 20โ€ long background string
2 pieces of 24โ€ long background string
1 piece of 24โ€ long multicolor knotting string
2 buttons (The smaller the better, if you only have larger buttons you can file them down with a fingernail file. Or just add another inch or so to every string and make bigger buckles)
Step 1
Organize your strings into 2 groups, the right side and the left side. You can figure out what strings are the 4 longer ones that you will be making the knots with by looking at Row 1 of your pattern. The longer strings will be the first string to the far left, the 2 very middle strings, and the last string to the far right.

The first group (The left side)
2 pieces of the 20โ€ background string
1 piece of the 24โ€ background string
1 piece of the 24โ€ multicolor knotting string

The second group (The right side)
2 pieces of the 20โ€ background string
1 piece of the 24โ€ background string
The whole skein of the multicolor knotting string (unravel 24โ€ worth but donโ€™t cut it)
Step 2
Gather up one of your groups of strings and find the middle of each string and tape them down at that spot. Make sure they are in the right order when you tape them down. You can also use a clip board and clip them down at the same spot. (If you found the middle of each string correctly, at both ends of your group of string your longer strings will be 2 inches longer than the shorter ones. If at one end all your strings are the same length and at the other end two of them are 4โ€ longer you did it wrong)

Make sure your 2 longer strings are on the outside and the shorter strings are in the middle. I like to tape down my shorter middle strings so they don't move, once you make your first knot you'll see why.

Your strings should look just like this picture no matter what pattern you are doing. (The amount of the shorter middle string might vary) You will always be using the longer strings on the outside to make a knot around the shorter strings in the middle. (If your doing a normal pattern you cant choose what colors to knot with, it has to be the first, the 2 middle and the last string in the first row of the pattern. That way after you make the Buckle Loops the strings will be in order when you start the bracelet)
Step 3
Take your longer left string (in this bracelet its my orange string) and pull it under the shorter middle strings and then lay it on top of your longer right string.

Then take your longer right string and go onto top of your shorter middle strings and then pull it under your longer left orange string.

Take a string in each hand and pull it tight. Once your knot is at the right spot stop pulling, if you pull too tight the knot might go up under the tape or pull string from the other end and make your strings uneven.
Step 4
Start with the same orange string again but its the right string this time. You need to always start the knot with the same orange string each time no matter which side its on. It always has to be the string that goes under the middle strings.

Take the longer orange string on the right and pull it under the shorter middle strings and lay it on top of the longer left string.

Take the longer white left string and go on top of the middle strings and pull under the orange right string.

Pull the knot tight. You can start to make your knots tighter now, after the first one is there the rest wont move.

You will end up repeating this knot 8 to 10 times, all depending on how big your buttons are. This first half of your loop should be about the same length as the diameter of your button.
Step 5
Un-tape or un-clip your strings and flip them around and set them up the same way they were in Step 2, and repeat. Make sure you start the knot with the orange string again. (Its always good to make sure you're using 2 different colored strings for the knots, that way you can easily remember what string goes underneath and which goes on top of the middle strings )

Make another 8 to 10 knots or however many you ended up making on the first side, just make sure its the same amount. You want all your strings to come out even at the ends. Also make sure to pay attention to what sides your strings end up on, you always want your strings to line up correctly for the first line of the pattern. Its not a big deal which side the orange and white strings are in this pattern, but in Normal patterns its very important that they line up, or your first line will be a mess.

Now, get your other set of strings and repeat steps 2 through 4 with those strings.

When your done you should have 2 identical sets of string with about an inches worth of knots right smack in the middle of both. They should look like this picture.
Step 6
Now take your group of strings that will be the left side of your bracelet. You can figure this out by seeing which string will be the very first or far left string in Row 1 of your pattern. If your doing a bracelet that has identical left and right sides it really doesn't matter which group you grab first. For my Variegated bracelet I have to start with the group of string that has the whole skein of multicolor knotting string with it. (I'm using a glue stick to wrap my string around so it doesn't get tangled up)

Tape or clip your strings down at the middle again, making sure the string you will be knotting with first is on the left. For my bracelet I need to make 3 forward knots.
Step 7
Tape or clip your strings in the very middle just like I have done in the picture. Just make sure the 2 ends can come together easily, you donโ€™t want any tension trying to pull them apart.

Continue making your knots and pull the 2 sides fully together. In my bracelet I'm taking the whole skein of multicolored orange string thatโ€™s wrapped round a glue stick and making 4 forward knots.
Step 8
Make sure your completed loop is still taped or clipped down just as it was at the end of step 7. Now you need to get your other group of strings and line it up next to your completed loop just like I have in the picture. The closer they are the better, because you donโ€™t want any tension pulling the two apart. Make sure you have the right side next to the completed loop, refer back to Row 1 of the patter your doing to make sure your strings are lining up correctly.

In my pattern I am taking my whole skein of multicolored string again and continuing with my row of 4 forward knots.

Then you will need to repeat Step 7 and make a knot to pull the two ends together. Then continue making forward knots and finish that row.
Step 9
Your end result should look like this picture. A row of knots with 2 identical loops at the top. Donโ€™t worry if it looks a little sloppy or uneven, after a couple more rows they will tighten up and be more sturdy. Also don't worry if they're not perfect, because once the bracelet is worn and the buttons are through the loops its hard to see any imperfections. After your done you can use safety pens if thatโ€™s what you prefer and make your bracelet. If your doing the same variegated bracelet that Iโ€™m doing in this tutorial and need a little help please use the Variegated Bracelet Tutorial that Adik has added.
Step 10
When you have finished your bracelet tape or clip it down on a flat suffice. Separate your strings into 2 even sections just like I have done in the first picture, the left side and the right side. I like to tape the sections I'm not working on up, because the stings are shorter and they tend to get in the way a lot.

So you need to find the 2 strings that are on the outside of your group of string and tape down the middle ones just like you did for the loops at the beginning of your bracelet. They should be set up just like I have done in the picture number 2.
Step 11
Now your going to make the same knot as you did in step 3. Take the string on the left and go under the middle strings and then lay on top of the right string. Now take the right string and go over top the middle strings and then under the left string. Pull the knot tight and stop at the bottom of the bracelet.

Unfortunate for me the multicolored strings were all at a white point in there color variations at the end of my bracelet. It made it very hard to remember what string was what.
Step 12
Now your going to make the same knot as in Step 4. Take your orange string which is now the string on the right side and go under the middle strings and then lay on top of the left string. Then take the left string and go over top of the middle strings and then go underneath the right string. Pull the knot tight.

However many knots you want is completely up to you. If your bracelet is already long enough and you donโ€™t want very long (I call them antennas) antennas then just make several knots. If you need some extra length then you can make as many knots as you need, just make sure to leave at least an inch of free string for your button.
Step 13
Tape your now finished antenna up and set your other side up just like you did before. Repeat Step 12 and make the same amount of knots as you did for the other side.
Step 14
Now you should have 2 little sticks or antennas or whatever you want to call them and they should be the same length. They should look like my picture, or they might be longer or shorter. Doesn't really matter, whatever floats your boat!
Step 15
Ok, now on to the buttons. If the strings you used to make the knots are long enough you should use them. Mine weren't long enough so I had to pick 2 of the other strings. Anyway select 2 pieces of string and tape down the rest. Now there are 3 different types of buttons that I know of, the ones with 4 holes, the ones with 2 holes and the ones with the little loop on the back. Any of them will work. Just take a string and thread it through the button from the back of the button, then go through the other hole from the front of the button. Then take your other string and thread it though the hole that your other string just came out of, then go through the other hole from the front and come out the back. Basically your strings are crisscrossing each other over the front of the button. Then pull your strings and button tight and move it the whole way to the bottom of your antennas.
Step 16
Flip your bracelet over and gather up the 2 strings that were used for the button. Tie a very tight knot with those 2 strings, and make sure the left over strings are between the button and your knot. Tie a couple more very tight knots using the same strings until your satisfied that they won't come untied. Then you can cut all the strings down to the knot just like the picture. If you have some you can put a dab of clear fingernail polish on the knot for some extra security so the knot will never come undone.
Step 17
Now repeat Steps 15 and 16 on the other antenna and add your other button. Your bracelet should look very similar to my pictures! If you having any trouble or have a question please feel free to message me, I check my account daily and should get back to you right away.