a minute ago
LePushyKat: @Puppy12345 sorry, I tagged Alissa instead ­čĄú­čÖŐ
2 minutes ago
LePushyKat: @alissaruth found it. Rainbow or pets I see. Seems fun. I'll tag you if I ever end up making anything this weekend ­čą│
2 minutes ago
Puppy12345: you go to fourum then click challenges and click the first steal my to dos one and it should have my username on the side
3 minutes ago
alissaruth: @LePushyKat go to forum, then scroll down to challenges and it should be the first one!
4 minutes ago
LePushyKat: @Puppy12345 quick question- where and how do I check!?
5 minutes ago
alissaruth: @LePushyKat haha
6 minutes ago
Puppy12345: @alissaruth have you seen my steal my to dos challenge yet?
6 minutes ago
LePushyKat: @LePushyKat male* aged 2! sorry lol
6 minutes ago
LePushyKat: @alissaruth @Puppy12345 is right! Also probably a child. Checked profile, It says make aged 2. Probably someone trying to pull a fast one and provoke people. Not worth the stress tbh. ­čśü
7 minutes ago
alissaruth: @Puppy12345 thats a good idea ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ
9 minutes ago
Puppy12345: @alissaruth I think that you should just ignore them and if they try to talk to you don't say anything maybe they will be nice when they lose all of their friends
9 minutes ago
alissaruth: @LePushyKat aww, thank you!
10 minutes ago
LePushyKat: @alissaruth lack of attention as a child maybe? ­čĄú don't worry, ignore them. The pattern is good, warm neutral!
12 minutes ago
Puppy12345: could you guys check out my steal my to dos challenge? I don't have any participants yet.: (
13 minutes ago
alissaruth: @LePushyKat well they commented on my pattern #45380 and on my forum topic about zoom meetings and they said no one cares
15 minutes ago
LePushyKat: @alissaruth in what way are they rude?!
16 minutes ago
Puppy12345: if I
18 minutes ago
alissaruth: do any of you know why @ vsco-sksk is being so rude?
20 minutes ago
Puppy12345: @alissaruth check your messages plz
23 minutes ago
alissaruth: @Puppy12345 oh my gosh really!! well i'm glad it didn't ­čÖé
24 minutes ago
Puppy12345: @alissaruth same we had a huge storm last night tho and me and my family had to go outside at 3 o clock in the morning cuz our garage almost flodded
25 minutes ago
leah_123: y'all we need to make more spooky patterns
28 minutes ago
alissaruth: @Puppy12345 it made really pretty sunsets though. The sun was like pink and red
28 minutes ago
alissaruth: @Puppy12345 I don't have any super close to me. The smoke just got better yesterday though.
29 minutes ago
fuzzyfox: gotta go to bed now talk to y'all later!
29 minutes ago
Puppy12345: sorry I meant I live not love in oregon
30 minutes ago
alissaruth: @Puppy12345 sure! i can't post pictures though because I dont have a phone
30 minutes ago
fuzzyfox: @11 14 for me
30 minutes ago
Puppy12345: @allisaruth do you have fires near your house? I love in oregon and I do
31 minutes ago
Puppy12345: Will you guys check out my new challenges plz?
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