Frequently asked questions
How do I rank up?
You can get ranked up by just using the website or the app, but if you want to get to higher ranks quicker, helping the community is a lot faster way to do so. So try to help people in the forums, write comments, or add content like patterns or photos.
I lost my password, what do I do?
There's a Forgotten password section on the site where you can create a new password if you have access to the email address your account is using.
How do I contact an admin on this page?
If you already have an account, it's always better to write me a Message. If not, you can always use the Contact page.
Where can I learn how to understand the patterns?
You can learn how to read patterns on the Tutorials page. We have also prepared tutorial videos for you in collaboration with MashaKnots. You can find them near the pattern images when you open up any pattern on the website.
How long should my strings be?
It differs from pattern to pattern, and the desired bracelet length. But 1 meter of string should be enough for a normal bracelet for a normal sized wrist.
I have noticed 'gaps' between pattern numbers. What does it mean?
If a pattern has been deleted, the ID it had is missing now, and that's where the gaps come from.
What are the challenges and what are their rewards?
There are 2 kinds of challenges on BraceletBook - official challenges and community challenges. For each challenge, the user creating it picks patterns which will be included. The point is picking one of those patterns, making a bracelet, and adding a photo of it. There are no rewards for the community challenges, but for our official ones, you will get a reward which will be displayed in your profile. Remember you have to tag your photos with a 'Challenge' sign in order to receive this reward.
Where do I find the challenges?
All the challenges are taking place in our forums. We have a separate thread for them, so when you open up the forums, just click on 'Challenges' and pick any challenge you'd like to participate in.
Posting content
I have posted an item to the site, why don't I see it?
To keep this place nice and clean, all the content you add goes thru the review process before appearing on the website. One of the administrators or moderators has to take a look at it and consider if it can be posted. The review process for each section is a bit different, but if your item gets declined, you'll be informed why.
How long does it take before a moderator approves an item I have submitted?
We're trying to review all content as soon as possible. It usually takes no longer than a 24 hours. You'll receive a notification once it's done.
How do I make a pattern?
After creating an account and logging in, go to the Create patterns section where you can use the generators. Creating and adding patterns is currently possible only on the website.
I have submitted a pattern and it disappeared, how do I get it back?
When you submit your pattern for a review, it is moved from your 'Create patterns' section to the administration section of the website, where moderators can take a look at it. It will then either get posted to the website (if accepted), or moved back to your 'Create patterns' section (if declined).
Can I edit a pattern after posting?
No, there's no way for you to edit your patterns once they are posted to the site.
Can I delete a pattern I made?
No, but you can contact an admin who can do this for you. We usually prefer not to delete patterns, because someone might have started tying them, or have already added them to their to-do list.
My pattern is not showing up in the generators.
If the generator doesn't generate your pattern, the reason is always shown on the top of the page.
How do I upload a photo?
Photos are always uploaded for a specific pattern, so find the pattern and open it up. Once you have that done, there's an 'Add a Photo' button in the top section of the website. On the iOS app, look for a '+' button in the upper right corner instead.