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2 Ways to do the 4-Strand Braid
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Things you will need
- string (at least 4 pieces, however many colors you want)
- a way to hold the bracelet in place while making
Step 1
Cut your strings, tie them in a knot, and secure it for making the bracelet.
Step 2
Take string one (left string) and cross it over string 2 (the one next to it).
Step 3
Using the same string, cross it under string 3.
Step 4
Use the same string to cross over string 4.
Repeat until your bracelet is your desired length if you are choosing to do method 1.
Step 5 (For method 2)
Take your string which is now 3 and cross it over string 2.
Repeat until your bracelet is your desired length.
Secure your bracelet with a knot and now you have your finished 4 strand braid bracelet. The difference is that the second method uses the same string in the middle. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and like how your bracelet turned out ๐Ÿ™‚

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