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Double wave variegated alpha bracelet
by Adik
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What you will need
- 2 skeins of string in one color of your choice
- 1 multicolor skein
- something to attach the bracelet with, eg. safety pin, masking tape or a clip board
Cut some strings for the background strings, I used 12 but it depends on the thickness you want to achieve.

The length of the strings depends on the size of your wrist. So they need to be the size of your wrist + the length of the braids of endings you are going to use.

Also, tie in the whole skein in the color you have chosen and the whole multicolor skein.

Now lay your strings out in the following order:
One colored skein, the background strings, and the multicolor skein is the last.
Take the first string (one colored skein) and make a row of forward knots as you would do when making a regular alpha pattern.

Only knot over the background strings, do not make a knot over the multicolor skein.
Now with the same string make another row now with backward knots as you would in a regular alpha pattern.
Now take the multicolor skein, make a row of backward knots to the left.

Do not knot over the one colored skein that you made the previous rows with.
Make another row now with forward knots to the right to complete the multicolored part.
We are going to be using the one colored skein again.

Make a forward knot like you did with the first one colored part.

Dont make it too tight, let the string sit around the multicolored part.
Finish the second one colored part as you did with the first one.
Take the multicolored string again and make a backward knot over the background string on the right, Let the string sit around the one colored part do not tighten it too much.
Finish the multicolored part as you did with the first one.
Now repeat until the bracelet is long enough.

This is my finished bracelet hope you like the tutorial!

Happy tying!