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Multicolored macrame bracelets
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You will need
Some different colors (as many colors as you want). I'm using 3 (Blue,Grey,Pink), 2 from each color.

Thick string or some normal ones together (I'm using 2 strings of normal yarn).

*For getting started you have to know how to do macrame knots (square knots).
My string orders should be like this :
You will start with doing a macrame knot with grey.

(dont hold the other strings with the yarn, you should only do the knot with the grey and the yarn)

After you did the first knot , your string order will be like this:Blue|Pink|Grey|Yarn|Grey|Pink|Blue
Now do a macrame knot with the blue string and the yarn and you'll have this:
Now do a macrame knot with the pink string.

And it goes like the first order again:
And Repeat These steps till you reach to the length you want.
Then Finish it the way you Want! (:
REMEMBER! do the knots only with the certain string and the yarn, do not hold the other strings with the yarn.

And do not pull the strings too tight! Otherwise The bracelet will look too small.
And thats It! (:
I hope you'll enjoy making these!