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How to make paper beads - The flute bead
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Paper beads are really fun and easy crafts to make! In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make the classic "flute" bead. I will be showing you how to make these beads by wrapping the paper around tooth picks. I really recommend getting a paper bead roller. The paper bead rollers are much easier to use. They would be used instead of tooth picks.
What you will need
scissors, 8 by 11" paper (regular paper that you would use in your printer), toothpicks (or a paper bead roller), permanent markers, a ruler, and a gloss and water sealer for the beads. I am using mod podge gloss. I recommend using the the gloss and water sealers because it makes the beads look very shiny and less like paper. You will also need a pencil, a paint brush, glue, and a piece of styrofoam.
Step one
on the 8" side of the paper, measure 1/2 of an inch. Then draw a straight line across the 11"side of the paper.
Step two
cut along the line that you have. Be careful and keep it as even as possible so you will have a "neat" bead.
Step three
Using your permanent markers, make a design about an inch and a half long at the end of the piece of paper. The white part will not be seen.
Step four
take the edge of your paper and put it on your tooth pick. Bend the paper a little bit so that it sticks on the tooth pick. Make sure the paper is as tight on the tooth pick as possible when you wrap it around the toothpicks.
Step five
when there is about a half an inch of paper left, take your paintbrush an put either glue or mod podge on it. Only put a light layer of mod podge/ glue on it.
Step six
take your bead off of the tooth pick and push it down on a table or flat surface so that the ends of the paper are aligned. This will make the bead look a lot neater.
Step seven
put the bead back on the tooth pick. Take the paint brush and dip it in the mod podge/ other glaze. Put a light coat on the bead. Don't make the coat of glaze too thick. You can always go back and do another coat once it dries.
Step eight
stick the toothpick in the styrofoam to allow the bead to dry.
Some other paper beads that I have made.