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How to make the Leaves bracelet
by Adik
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What you will need
- 10 Strings in 5 colors
- Tape, safety pin or something else for attaching the bracelet
You can either start by making a loop or just make a big knot and order your strings in a mirrored order. ABCDE EDCBA
Make a forward knot with your middle strings.
Make an arrow like section with your D strings - second strings from the middle.
Take your next middle strings and make another arrow like section. Leaving the two strings on each side.
Again take your next middle strings that you haven't used yet - B strings - and make the arrow like section.
Finish off your first leaf by making the last arrow with your spare strings.
We are starting the new leaf with the second strings from the middle.
Take your third strings from each side and make the arrow section.
Now with your second strings again.
And finish off your second leaf with the spare strings.
Repeat the leafs until the bracelet is long enough!

Happy tying!