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Friendship Bracelet Earbuds
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I am going to tell you how to make friendship bracelet earbuds. I saw this and I tried to follow the instructions so I ended up doing it on my own. All that you need are earbuds, string, tape, tacky glue, scissors, and something to tape your earbuds down on.
You will need a lot of string for this I used a whole thing of one color and I used three colors: dark blue, light blue, and white. So cut long amounts of string. If you run out and need more string, just tie the string in and cut as close to the knot as possible. I used about half of a whole thing of string for the longer part and then about half of the leftover half for the smaller sections.
Tie a knot with the string on either the end where you plug in or by the part that you put in your ear. Leave about an inch to an inch and a half and let the rest hang down.
There are two ways to get the string on: wrap or knot. I did both so I will tell you how to do both. If you want to do the knotting way (looks like a spiral staircase), just grab one color in one hand and the cord and other strings in the other and tie forward knots over the bundle of strings. If you want to do the wrapping way, you take up to the amount of strings you have, and you wrap around the cord. You will have to push up the wrapped part. When you are done with that section of wrapped string, tie one forward knot to keep the wrapped part in place. You can use any combination of possible ways to get the string onto the earbuds. I highly recommend wrapping for the last section because it will be extremely difficult to tie forward knots at the bottom.
Take off the tape and hold your earbuds. With the last tiny part at the bottom of the section and the inch at the top, get a little bit of tacky glue on the cord and wrap the string around the gluey cord J I find it easy when you hold the cord and hold your finders around it and turn the cord. It just wraps tighter and easier. Note: You will get glue on your fingers so donโ€™t freak out. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Repeat step three and four with the other two sections.
Now you are done! Enjoy