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Safety pin brooch
by Adik
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First thing I need to say is that you need to know how to do alpha bracelets for this tutorial. If you don't, there is a tutorial in our tutorial section.
For this safety pin brooch tutorial I will be using pattern #5763.
I tweaked the pattern a little bit so it suits the brooch better.
What you need
For my tweaked pattern you will need a safety pin, scissors ,one long brown string and 10 blue strings (twice longer than you need for this pattern as we will be folding them in half).
Attach the safety pin to your pants/pillow as shown in the image. DO NOT ATTACH THE PIN THE OTHER SIDE UP!
Now take one of your blue strings and fold it in half.
Put the thread through the safety pin exactly as its shown in the image.
Now take the top threads down and into the loop that you can see in the image.
You should have created this type of knot. If it looks different, try again.
Tie the rest of your blue strings on. Now instead of 10 strings you have 20.
Now take your one long brown string and fold it so one string is the same length as your blue one. When you will be tying your brown knot the longer string has to end up as the last string.
Make a backward knot with your last string over the shorter brown string.
Make another backward knot on your last blue string.
Now your brooch should look like this.
Make another 3 backward knots with your brown string. Your next knot on the pattern is blue so take your blue string and make a forward knot on the brown string as you do with two color alphas.
Tie your blue knots a little bit harder then the brown ones so all the knots are the same size.
Finish the rest of the row as you would with two colored alphas and you are ready to tie the rest of your pattern without my help! 😉
This is my finished brooch.