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Recycled Embroidery Floss Bracelet
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1. Materials
ruler, scissors, rubber bands, elastics, or hair ties that fits your wrist, scraps of embroidery floss (5-7 inches each).
Take two pieces of your scraps of floss and line them up like shown in the picture. Make an over hand knot and pick them apart so that they are doubled and longer (there is supposed to be a fringe).
Line up another piece of floss with one side of the string. make an over hand knot. pick apart like before and repeat this step until the pieces are together 3 1/2ft long.
Take your elastic/rubber band/ hair tie and attach your string with a double knot so that the string is attached to the elastic. Wrap the string around the elastic avoiding wrapping around the fringes. you will have to push the string back as you go along so that the string will cover the elastic completely. Also, you will have to add on more scraps as you go along. repeat step two as often as you need to complete covering the elastic.
Take the piece of remaining string on your bracelet and double knot it with the closest fringe. Make sure the knots are very tight so it will not come undone. Give to a friend or keep for yourself. Enjoy!!!!!