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10 minutes bracelet (2 string)
by Adik
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The two string bracelet is the easiest friendship bracelet you can make. It only takes up to 10 minutes and anyone can make it.
Cut two strings. They don't need to be 1 meter long like in other friendship bracelets. You only need about 50cm long strings.
You will need two colors to make this bracelet.
Make a knot on the top and fasten it with a safety pin to your pillow or knee.
You should already know how to tie knots. If not read the knots tutorial as you won't be able to do it otherwise.
On the picture above, you can see how the first knot is tied.
Make a forward knot with your string A (in my case black string).
Now your string A should be purple, and your black string should have moved to the right.
Now take your purple string (string A) and make a forward knot over the string B (black string).
Repeat these two steps until your bracelet is long enough.
This is how the finished bracelet should look.