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Tips for choosing good keywords!
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Why are keywords important?
Keywords play a huge role in our database. They are an essential part in searching the database for specific patterns or inspiration, and also for some of our algorithms like the one for "similar patterns" which is shown under each pattern when you open it up.

When creating patterns, it's always very important to pick the most descriptive keywords you can. When a pattern is new, it's visible both on our home page and on the top of the patterns section, so it's very easy to find it. But as your pattern gets older and older, it will slowly become harder to find in the database which is already huge.

If you want to make your pattern popular on the website, it's essential to ensure it will be easy to find even after it's not visible on the first few pages of our patterns section, and that is by making it as easy to find as possible.

And this doesn't only apply to filtering patterns by keywords on our website, but keep in mind it also plays a big role when users search for patterns using Google for example.
Acceptable keywords
Try to think of keywords that you would use to easily find your pattern in the database.

โ— You need a minimum of 5 keywords (but try to think of more if you can because this increases the chance that users can find your pattern)
โ— All keywords must apply/describe your pattern
โ— Please try to use keywords with at least 3 letters (currently the search does not recognize words with only 1 or 2 letters)
โ— Please try to use a space " " rather than a dash "-" in your keywords (a dash and a space are actually considered the same by the database, but using a space will help make reading keywords easier)
โ— logo only for official logo patterns
โ— font only for complete alphabet patterns
โ— word, text, letter, phrase (for patterns not containing the full alphabet)
โ— repeating (only for alpha patterns, since all normal patterns naturally repeat)

Listed below are categories and examples of keywords that are acceptable:
โ— Shapes
โ— Specific color schemes
โ— Style
โ— Technique
โ— Symmetry
โ— Tense
โ— Specific AND General Terms
โ— Specific size/purpose/aspect ratio
Alternatives to common single letters
โ— Along with v you can use chevron or arrow
โ— Along with x you can use cross
โ— Along with z you can use zigzag or lightning
โ— Along with w you can use zigzag or doublechevron
โ— If you have a word that is an abbreviation for something for example bi you can also add the full word bisexual
Please only use font for text patterns that are complete alphabet patterns (like the top example)

Suggestions to use instead for patterns with a single word or phrase (like the bottom example):
โ— text
โ— letter / letters
โ— word / words
โ— phrase
Here are some examples:
โ— diamond
โ— square
โ— triangle
โ— rectangle
โ— flower
โ— star
โ— zig zag
โ— wavy
โ— squiggle
โ— dash
โ— dot
โ— stripes
โ— holes / gaps
โ— arrow
โ— chevron
โ— dovetail

*Please do not use the actual words shape or shapes as a keyword
Specific color schemes
*Note that specific color names (like red, white, pastel, bright, light, dark) are not acceptable because users can change the colors of the strings in an pattern

These listed keywords are acceptable because they imply a use of specific colors in a specific order:
โ— rainbow
โ— ombre
โ— gradient
Here are some examples:
โ— tribal
โ— celtic
โ— aztec
โ— boho
โ— geometric
โ— nordic
โ— colorblocking
โ— outlined
โ— aesthetic
โ— distorted
โ— progressing / alternating
Here are some examples:
โ— straight edge
โ— 1212
โ— shaped
โ— holes / gaps
โ— symmetrical (top example)
โ— asymmetrical (bottom example)
Try to use as many different forms / tenses as possible of a keyword to help make finding your pattern easier (for example: repeat repeating repetition)

*Please use appropriate / correct tenses and real words
โ— plural
โ— singular
โ— -ed
โ— -ing
Specific and general terms
โ— Use both specific words (like a specific breed of dog corgi) AND general words (like puppy dog animal)
Specific size / purpose / aspect ratio for alphas
โ— keychain (generally short / small, fits on a keychain)
โ— bookmark (generally long / skinny)
โ— wallhanging (generally large and wide, fits on a dowel)

*Please try to use only 1 of these keywords per alpha pattern

โ— Keywords that describe the overall shape / aspect ratio of an alpha pattern such as square rectangle are acceptable
Specific size / purpose / aspect ratio for alphas
โ— keychain - under 30 base strings (refer to examples)
โ—‹ Short in length
โ—‹ Small in width
โ—‹ Fits on a keychain
Specific size / purpose / aspect ratio for alphas
โ— bookmark - should have one side at least 3x longer than the other (refer to examples)
โ—‹ Long in length
โ—‹ Thin in width
Specific size / purpose / aspect ratio for alphas
โ— wallhanging - are generally 1:1 or have proportional width and length (refer to examples)
โ—‹ Can greatly vary in width and length, but are usually proportional
โ—‹ Too big to fit on a keychain
โ—‹ Typically made on a dowel
Not acceptable keywords
โ— usernames
โ— pattern numbers
โ— number of strings
โ— number of colors
โ— logo for patterns that are not official logos
โ— size (big, small, tiny, large, skinny because users can search by number of strings which gives the dimensions of any pattern)
โ— Use of font for patterns that are not complete alphabet patterns
โ— Use of keychain wallhanging bookmark for normal patterns
โ— Use of repeat and its different forms like repetition repeating for normal patterns (refer to example below)
We do not allow the use of repeat repeating and / or repetition (or other variations of these words) for normal patterns because all normal patterns naturally repeat

***But it is acceptable for certain types of alpha patterns (like the patterns shown)
So in conclusion!
Remember that keywords play an important role in many aspects of the site / app, so choosing good keywords is crucial!

Try to think of keywords that you would use to find your pattern in the database. Use words that apply specifically to your pattern, and are common enough that users will actually use them.

I know that thinking of good keywords can be challenging. So if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to post them in the comments or message me or any of the other moderators! We are always happy to help!