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How to make a loop with a spare string
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Hello! I am @sandykc_8! And this is a tutorial for how to make a loop with a spare string.
This can be very helpful if you:
- Want to find a way to use your spares.
- Are planning to make a loop with a bracelet but haven’t cut a string longer than the others when you have cut all of the strings.
Let’s get started!
Step 1
First, you will need to get your strings cut [I cut each string (I will fold them in half, making two strings) the length of my wingspan]. You will cut your strings all the same length. You will also need to know how to make a loop, and how to make a teardrop loop or how to make triangle ends aOer a loop (I will teach you how to in this tutorial if you do not know). For this tutorial, I will use paPern #81830. You will then find out where you want your loop.
Step 2
Now you will get a spare strand (however long you think will good for the loop and a liPle longer). Now you will make a regular loop with that spare strand. Doing forward backward knots on all of the strings together. Make sure you have some string leO over on each side of the loop so you can perform the next step.
Step 3
Once the basic part of the loop is finished, you will divide the strings into four groups for triangle ends aOer a loop (including the spare stands grouping them into the inner leO and inner right sides). On the far leO and inner right groups, you will do forward knots to put the strings in order and on the far right and inner leO groups, do backward knots to put the strings in order. You will include the spare strings in the groups and knot over them. This part may be a bit hard because the strings on each side will be a bit short.
Step 4
Once you have done that, make a knot in the middle with the two strings that are not the spares.
Step 5
Put the spares in the back.
Step 6
When you have made enough of the bracelet (approx. 1 inch of paPern) can trim the spares in the back.
Step 7
Finish the bracelet and we are finished!