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Linked Lace Bracelet
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This tutorial will explain how you make this bracelet. It is based on pattern #74845.

Required skills:
- Making loops
- Triangle ends

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a DM!

Kind regards,
a.k.a. Knotting Addict
Step 1
Pick two colours.
You will need two full skeins of 8 meters.
Step 2
Cut each skein into 4 equal lengths.
Fold the strings in half.
Connect the folded strings as the picture.
Step 3
Make a ‘half loop’ with 50/50 colour division.
I made 8 knots with each colour, so 16 in total.
Step 4
Put one end of the loop under a clip/tape Split the strings in two bundles of four strings.
Step 5
Make 4 rows with forward knots on the right.
Make 4 rows with backward knots on the left.
Step 6
Make 4 rows with forward knots on the left.
Make 4 rows with backward knots on the right.

Use the two strings that end up in the middle to connect the diamond you just knotted.
Step 7
Make another diamond by repeating step 5 and 6.
Step 8
Continue making diamonds until you have the desired length of you bracelet.
Step 9
Create the first diamond in the other colour by repeating steps 5 and 6.
Just do not connect the diamond yet, but leave it open.
Step 10
Feed the loose strings through the first diamond of the finished side.

Connect the new diamond with the middle strings.
Step 11
Repeat steps 9 and 10 for the next diamond.

Continue until you have the same amount of diamonds on both sides.
Step 12
After making the last diamond, make one row with forward knots on the bottom right side of your diamond.
Make three rows with forward knots from left to right.
Step 13
Make one row with backward knots on the bottom left side of the last diamond on the other side.
Make three rows with backward knots from right to left. Decrease the number of knots for each row by one.
Step 14
Connect the two sides by making forward knots.
Step 15
Make four candy strips of forward knots in total.
Sep 16
Finish as a triangle end and add ties of your choice.
Step 17
Flip your bracelet upside down and you are done!