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The Lark’s Head Knot
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Hello everyone! This tutorial will teach you how to make the lark’s head knot. This knot is used to attach your base strings in an alpha bracelet to a keyring or dowel. It is a very simple knot to make.
What you will need
You will need some string, scissors, and a wooden dowel or keyring. I will be using some yarn because its thicker and you could see it better in the photo.
Step 1
Cut your string to double the length you would normally need for one base string. This was a pretty short pattern, so I would normally only need about 30cm of string. So if I doubled it, it would make 60cm. Keep in mind that if you have 16 base strings for example, you need to cut only 8 strings. This is because you will make two base strings out of 1 long string.
Step 2
Place your wooden dowel horizontally, or if you have a d-ring place it so the hook is facing up.
Step 3
Fold your string in half and slide it under the dowel from the top. Make sure it is still folded in half. Your loop should be at the bottom.
Step 4
Take the two strings on top and fold them over the dowel. Make sure the dowel is in between the loop and the strings.
Step 5
Pull the two strings through the loop and tighten. It should look like this.
You are done!
Good job! You now have 2 base strings. Continue this with all of your strings until you have the perfect amount of base strings! Remember, one knot will make two base strings.
Odd number of strings
There is a way to make larks head knot even when you don’t have an even number of strings. For this, make all of your knots the same, with the pairs. For example, if I had 15 base strings, I would make seven knots. But now there is a problem. You are missing one base string. For this last one, you will combine the base string with your leading string. So you will make it a lot longer, but when you fold it don’t exactly fold it in half. The shorter strings should be the length of your other base strings. Fold it more like the picture. Then make the same steps. And you will use the longer string as your leading string. I suggest making your base strings the same colour for this though.
Thank you! - Tips
After making the first row of your alpha, I suggest pushing the knots up really close to the dowel or keyring.

Thank you for reading this and I hope it helps!