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Shaped Butterfly Bracelet
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You will need
4 different colors of string
first color - 1 string (antennas)
second color - 3 strings (chevron part)
third color - 2 strings (wing)
fourth color - 2 strings (wing outline)

**these should be extra long bc you will be doubling them
Step 1
Make a loop.
Step 2
I recommend a teardrop start bc it is easiest with the shape of the bracelet. The colors will be in order of the chevron strings, then the wing outline string, the inside of the wing, then the antenna color. do a forward knot in the middle with the two antenna strings.
Step 3
Do 3 rows with the first 3 strings as if you’re doing a regular chevron.
Step 4
Knot the 2 antenna strings down and together as if they were a chevron row as well.
Step 5
Knot the outer string into another chevron row, but knot off of (bf or fb knot) the two middle strings.
Step 6
Make a forward knot on the antenna strings.
Step 7
Knot the second string (the coral on this one) in and knot off of (fb or bf knot) the outline string (the one you used in the last step), then knot the outline string off of the antenna string and do another forward knot in the middle.
Step 8
Knot the other wing string (outer coral on mine) in like a chevron but knot it off the other coral string, knot the outline string off the middle strings, and do another forward knot in the middle.
Step 9
Knot the dark purple (outline) string in and knot it off the outer coral string and back out.
Step 10
Then, as if you’re doing an alpha, knot the outer coral string out then back in and do a forward knot with the two coral strings.
Step 11
Knot the outline string in and do a forward knot between the two (dark purples).
Step 12
(i did one side and then the other, that’s why it looks different, but you can do it by steps on each side) after you finish off both the wings, knot the two middle strings put and off of the outer wing string, do a forward knot in the middle, and then knot them back in (should look like a diamond)