How to contact an admin on this page?
Fill in the form on the Contact page.

How do I rank up?
Just keep visiting the site and helping our community. You will be ranked up automatically.

How can I make letter bracelets?
Look at the tutorial for Alphabet Patterns.

Where can I learn how to understand the patterns?
On the Tutorials page, there is a tutorial on how to read patterns.

How long does it take before an admin approves my pattern?
The patterns are usually approved within 24 hours.

How do I post patterns?
Go to the Add/Edit pattern page and use the generator.

Can I delete a pattern I made?
No, but if it's necessary, contact an admin. We usually don't allow users to delete patterns, because if someone had already started tying your pattern...

I have noticed 'gaps' between pattern numbers. What does it mean?
If a pattern has been deleted, the ID it had is missing now.

Can I edit a pattern after I posted it?
No, you can't.

I lost my password, what do I do?
In the main menu, click Login and then choose the Forgotten password option.

The generator is slow or my pattern is not even showing. What's wrong?
If the generator doesn't generate your pattern the reason is shown on the top of the page. The pattern may also be too big. The generator has certain limits.

How do I use a generator?
When you Click on the Add/Edit Pattern page in the main menu, and choose a generator you want to use, there are instructions below it.

How long should the string be?
Differs between patterns and the desired bracelet length. But 1 meter of string should be enough for a normal bracelet and a normal sized wrist.