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Info: New Account. Yay! My old account is Pollco1, but I felt like I kinda grew out of it. Needed a fresh start, so here I am! If you want, you can see the patterns on the old account, but all my new patterns will be done on this one. I made that account when I was like ten, and looking back on it I see my age in the simplicity of the patterns. Now, I'll try and make at least one pattern a week and I'll give them a pattern, not just a simple picture. Feel free to add me as a friend or add my patterns as to-dos! Thanks for good ratings!

JCat2018's latest Patterns:
Alpha Friendship Bracelet Pattern #22715
 #22715 by JCat2018
Rating Rating: 0%
Strings Strings: 22
Dimensions Dimensions: 81x21
Colors Colors: 9
Alpha Friendship Bracelet Pattern #22714
 #22714 by JCat2018
Rating Rating: 50%
Strings Strings: 18
Dimensions Dimensions: 71x17
Colors Colors: 7

JCat2018's latest Todos:
Normal Friendship Bracelet Pattern #3884
 #3884 by gatorgirl
Rating Rating: 100%
Strings Strings: 32
Colors Colors: 4
Difficulty Difficulty: 4

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