Tutorials - Bordered Chevron Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

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Bordered Chevron Introduction
Here is the pattern I created for this tutorial.
If you can read patterns use it for your knotting, otherwise follow the instructions below.

Bordered Chevron What you will need:
- the pattern to follow
- strings in 3 colors, one for the border, two for the chevron
- masking tape, clipping board or a safety pin (feel free to use your own techniques for attaching the bracelet for your knotting)

Bordered Chevron Step 1
I use masking tape for my knotting because safety pins ruin the materials you pin your bracelet to, and clipboards are too big and hard to work on.
Masking tape holds well (make sure not to use cellar tape!). Also you can keep your first row straight as if working with a clipboard but you can knot on your knee! :)

I used a macrame buckle for this bracelet, there's a tutorial for it in the tutorial section if you want to use it.
Otherwise just make a big knot on the top to hold all the strings together and keep the string long enough to make some braids when you finish knotting.
Tape your strings below the knot if you want help with making the first row straight like with a clipboard!

This is how you need to lay out you strings:
A - The border color (white)
B, C - The chevron colors (orange and red)
Color order:

Bordered Chevron Step 2
Once you’ve got your strings layered, take the 5th string from the right side and make a backward knot over the 6th string.
Now take the 5th string from the left and make a forward knot over the 6th string.
Connect the two knots together with a forward knot in the middle.

Bordered Chevron Step 3
Now take your 3rd string from right and make a backward knot over the 4th string.

Bordered Chevron Step 4
Make another two backward knots.
Do the same from the left. Take the 3rd string and make a knot over the 4th string and continue the row finishing with a middle forward knot.

Bordered Chevron Step 5
We are going to make the first border knot now. Take your right border string and make a backward-forward knot.
(The knot is made out of two half-knots, to make a backward-forward knot you need to make one backward half-knot and one forward half-knot)

Bordered Chevron Step 6
Repeat on the left side only now you are going to make a forward-backward knot instead of the backward-forward one.

Bordered Chevron Step 7
You now know how to make forward-backward and backward-forward knots.
Take the 3rd string from right and make a forward-backward knot over the 2nd string from right.

Bordered Chevron Step 8
Repeat on the left side.
Take the 3rd string from left and make a backward-forward knot over the 2nd string from left.

Bordered Chevron Step 9
Complete the arrow like you did with the first arrow.

Bordered Chevron Step 10
Now make a backward-forward knot with your right border string again.

Bordered Chevron Step 11
And a forward-backward knot with your left border string.

Bordered Chevron Step 12
Repeat steps 9-13 until your bracelet is long enough.

Bordered Chevron Done
This is how the finished bracelet looks!
Hope you had fun making it!
Happy tying!