Tutorials - Beaded chinese staircase Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

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Beaded chinese staircase You will need:

- String
- Thin wire
- Beads (make sure that the beads have a hole that is big enough for your strings)
- Tape, clipboard or a safety pin

Beaded chinese staircase Cut 3 short strings aprox. 25cm or 10 inches and one long one (enough to make the whole chinese staircase)

Start your bracelet with a big knot or however you usually start your bracelets. Now we are going to put a bead through.

Beaded chinese staircase You will need to pull 2 or more strings (in this case 4 strings) through the bead thats why we need the wire. Fold the wire in half and pull the bead through. Then pull your strings through the hoop created with the wire. Hold the bead between your fingers and pull the wire with strings through.

Beaded chinese staircase When you have the bead in place start you chinese staircase. Depending on how many beads you want to use make your first section of the bracelet and then use the wire to pull another bead through. Continue with forward knots until you put another bead in. And just repeat until your done! :)

Beaded chinese staircase Happy tying!