Terms of Use

The Terms
Since a user becomes our registered member, these Terms of Use applies to him. The owner of the site reserves the right to update these terms at any time according to the needs of the site.

General Restrictions of Use
All the contents of this website are only for non-commercial use. It is strictly prohibited to distribute, display, copy, edit, reproduce, or publish the patterns, photos, videos, tutorials, and any material found on the site.
Linking of the site is allowed.

User Profile Information:
Your user information containing your email, username, password is securely stored in our database, and the passwords are encrypted, so even admins can NOT access them.

Copyright laws:
Only the creators of patterns, photos, videos and tutorials are allowed to add them. If the original creator finds some material he created on this site, he has to contact one of the admins to resolve this issue. The owner of the site reserves the right to determine which content can be removed.

Posting content:
Every posted pattern, photo, video and tutorial has to be submitted by one of our admins, so it can take a while to complete the process of adding it.
Your pattern or photo can be rejected for a couple of reasons. One of them are listed below:
- Incomplete work. Missing half of a pattern on a photo, or bad structure of knots on your patterns. - Existing. If the pattern or photo already exists on this website, there is no reason to submit it. - The pattern or photo contains inappropriate text, or symbols.

Remember: These rules can change anytime, so you should read them regularly.