Benefits of Registration

  1. Your personal To-do List in which you can store the patterns you want to do, but don't have time for.
  2. Your Profile. You can create your own profile, and give your friends a link to all the patterns, photos, videos, and everything you added. Profiles also contain your personal info, and avatar.
  3. You can Create Alpha and Normal Patterns and share them with the world easily. It really is easy to do so, and the only requirement is your time.
  4. Draw Alpha Patterns. Draw an alpha pattern by clicking your mouse on cells in a grid.
    Draw an alpha pattern
  5. Create Alpha Patterns from classic Images. Grab any image you can find on the internet, and create an alpha pattern out of it.
    Create an Alpha pattern from image
  6. Create Alpha Patterns from Font Files. Supported formats are .ttf, .ttc, .otf, .dfont, and more ...
    Create an Alpha pattern from font file
  7. Submit your Photos and Videos to share your creations with everyone.
  8. Post Comments to express your feelings about the patterns.
  9. Chat with other members of BraceletBook to kill your free time.

And many more in development... (will be added soon)

Everything is 100% Free. The only thing you have to do, is Signing up on the site.